Royal solar solutions

why us

The impact of industrialization and globalization is creating a local lacuna and pollution is on the high. The realization of the impact and non-committed modus operation of the big players creates reason for a local response to safe-guard a quality of living, conducive to the environment.

Royal Solar Solutions is our way of creating solutions, through social participation and practical application in our life-styles. These solutions help in creating non-polluting environments, reduce operations cost and further a create cushion against inflation.


The use of alternative technology such as solar energy, solves problems of globalization and provides a solution at a local level. The solutions created by us allow local ventures to flourish in the global economy. The solutions are designed and installed under supervision and are weather resistant.Our service starts from conceptualising the solution to all tasks till the handover.

Value Addition

The use of technology can appropriate value through application procedures and design aesthetics. Functionally the technology reduces electrical costs and aesthetically is designed to look good.